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Your Only Job, Is To Make The Call.

Do you have much needed projects to get done. Just not a lot of extra time. Let the professionals with GQA/ Billy's Handyman Services do it for you.  So you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy and still be productive in the process.

GQA Services and Billy's Handyman Services is one unique team, that complements each other. Professional craftsmanship is applied at ever job they are hired to do.

With the knowledge and broad skill set to handle any task you need to get done. From Big to small, they do it all. 

 I can guarantee if you need it done, they can get it done with the most efficient way possible.  

Have you been wanting to get just something simple finally marked off your list. then you are looking in the right direction. We specialize in (SERVICE CALLS).

to find out more about this checkout our Service Call page.

The list of things that they can do is limitless. So if you have a task or question that you are curious about the best way to get a answer is to give us a call. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

CALL TODAY (817) 980-7282.

 Residential and Commercial .

Skilled and Certified to do restoration on Electronics and Supplies /Household or business after a fire or flood. 

Please take time to browse the pages of this website to find out more about our capabilities or call 817-980-7282 to request an estimate.  

We Can Handle Virtually Any Project


From welding repairs to home renovations... we can handle it all at an affordable price. Call today to request an'll see why we've earned so many repeat and referral customers over the years! 


Our Services Include:

• All Types Of Handyman Services (Commercial or Residential)
• Interior and Exterior
• Welding
• Fencing/Decking
• Wood Work
• Cleaning
• Installations
• Restoration of Electronic and Appliances from fire and water damage.
• Maintenance of HVAC

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GQA / Billy's Handyman Services looks forward to serving you!  We are a general contractor. Our company does a wide range of projects, Big or small.We do it ALL!  

We specialize in home Home Repair.

We serve Dallas, Fort Worth and all surrounding cities.

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